Thursday, 12 June 2014

Now what?

There is one item on my bucket list that would be amazing if I could cross off, which is why I’m making it my now what. My now what is to not worry so much. It’s something I do often and I hate it! I hate the feeling I get in my stomach and the stress it can give me. By making my now what to not worry so much, I will be able to cross off many more things on my bucket list. Like bitting my nails, it’s a bad habit I have that I sometimes do when I’m worried. Not worrying so much in my life will let me have more fun, and to not care about the little things that don’t really mean that much and won’t make a huge impact on my life in a few days. I think making my now what to not worry so much will give me the push I need to really try and not worry so much. To some this may not seem like a huge item to cross off my bucket list but to me it is, and it’s something I really want to cross off. 

Author's note

My name is Karli, and this is My Buried Life. I’m 17 years old, and I’m a senior in high school. I’ve never created a bucket list before but it was interesting to really think about what I wanted to do in my life. My list consisted of mostly doing good, bettering myself and traveling. Which I feel most bucket lists are like, but no matter what each bucket list is unique to the person who wrote it. My life has consisted of a lot of traveling which is why I want to do more of it. To be able to experience other cultures, and places. There are so many amazing places that I want to go to like, Australia, Africa, Europe, etc. I really hope I will be able to visit these places one day, and hopefully many more places because traveling is a great experience and something I love to do. Some of the things on my bucket list are really out of my comfort zone because throughout my life I have not been that out there with my personality or with anything I do, but I hope that as I get older and start experiencing new things by slowly cross some things off my bucket list it will help me break out of my shell so I can continue to cross off items on my bucket list and not let fear hold me back. Watching the buried life was inspired me to really try to complete or at least make a dent in my bucket list. The boys all have different personalities and it’s interesting to see how they all react to the different items on their list. I like how no matter what they never give up, or say “oh no, we really shouldn’t be doing this.” I love the confidence they have and I hope I can have that confidence while doing my bucket list items. I hope one day I can look back and think about how amazing the idea of creating a bucket list was because of all the amazing things I did. This is My Buried Life

Bucket list/buried life

Bucket list:
1. Be in New York at Christmas/New Years
2. Study abroad
3. Swim with sharks
4. Travel to Europe
5. Ride a train
6. Volunteer in a developing country
7. Ride an elephant
8. See the northern lights in Alaska
9. Go surfing
10. Donate my hair to cancer
11. Go to the Olympics
12. Make a difference in someone's life
13. Own a cottage
14. Find a secret door
15. Go scuba diving 
16. Go to a "real" haunted house
17. Go commercial fishing with my dad
18. Hit a home run
19. Be more outgoing
20. Finish the Harry potter books
21. Look through a telescope
22. Pay off something for my parents (house, car, etc.)
23. Visit Australia
24. Buy the person behind me coffee/their order
25. Go on an African Safari 
26. Punch someone
27. Adopt a child
28. Go to a music festival
29. Learn not to worry so much 
30. Go on a walk every day, no matter what.
31. Walk on abbey road 
32. Eat galati in Italy 
33. Talk/cry myself out of a ticket
34. Stop bitting my nails
35. See Ellen live
36. Fly in first class
37. Drive on a race track 
38. Learn how to walk properly in heels
39. Let go of a floating lantern
40. Do the walk for the cure
41. Pick pocket someone, just to see if I could get away with it (I'd give it back)
42. Become a teacher
43. Start a family 
44. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
45. Visit Alcatraz 
46. Go to harry potter world 
47. Plant a garden
48. Stand in a waterfall
49. Experience no gravity
50. Learn how to drive standard
51. Go to the White House
52. See an NBA game
53. Go whale watching 
54. Throw a first pitch
55. Visit the Anne Frank house 
56. Visit elephant national park in Thailand
57. Play hide and seek in Ikea
58. Hold a snake

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Personal post - beautiful day

Classes should instantly be moved outside the second it gets nice out! Students are already so distracted in classes already when it's -40 out so we're crazy when it's +20 out. And it's always so gross and hot and muggy in the school cause they haven't figured out the air yet in the first week of nice weather so we should all just go outside and learn when it's a beautiful day out!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Discussing the dialogue that was heard.

1. I went into the caf to listen in on the conversations. I listened for the majority of the 20 minutes. There were 2 big groups who's conversations I was listening to.

2. I learnt that teenagers don't really have filters and say whatever comes to their mind especially when they're talking with their friends. I also noticed there is usually a "leader" who is the one who's brings up the topics and talks the most.

3. I can apply this if I was ever writing about teens, that way it would be easy to right about, also because I am a teen.

4. You can figure out who is more of a listener and more quiet. Also who really likes to talk and have attention on them.

5. Either there are many opinions in the conversation because there are so many people, or not a lot because the others are just listening.

6. That many people don't have a filter and that really makes the conversation a lot more interesting. Also how quickly the topic can change.

7. Written conversations are more thought out and usually have a certain direction. Spoken conversations and sometimes just to fill the quiet so they can be about anything and not really have a purpose. But written and spoken conversations can both have a meaning you just may arrive at it in a different way.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Personal post - SNOW IN MAY!

How did it snow this morning! I don't understand it's May! It's supposed to be all sunny and warm, but no it's snowy and cold. The rhyme is "April showers bring May flowers." Not April showers bring May snow! That is not alright! The snow needs to go away! 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

So what?

I believe the so what of this picture is that anyone can be friends. The picture shows an ape and a banana and they seem to be getting along. Which is not likely because apes eat bananas, but in this picture they seem to be friendly with each other

Personal post - undercover deputies

I think that if they wanted to fit in they should join a sports team. Sports are pretty big at our school and I think if you're on a sports team you're kind of in a brotherhood so it would be pretty good  if you were trying to fitting in if you were involved with sports.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Personal post - Austin Kleon

I liked this newspaper black out he did because of the little graphics he put in it. Like the little cloud and the umbrella. It also kind of looks like he colored the newspaper with the pattern of rain. Or maybe that's just the way he was holding his marker and it started to run out of ink. But I'm going to think he did that on purpose to look like rain.

Personal post - newspaper blackout.

3 main points about what news paper blackout is:

Treat the newspaper as a blank canvas.

Glance/scan over the newspaper don't read it.

Transform the raw material of the article into your own.

Transform the article into a different meaning to make a statement.

Circle the words you want to keep.

Don't be specific in the type of article your choosing. 

"You're shopping for words."

Don't just summaries the article.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Personal post - spring!

I'm so happy that spring has finally come! The winter was so long and cold it seemed like spring would never come, but it did! It just kind of sucks that it's May and it only started to get nice out. But atleast spring has finally come! 

Ted talk reflection: underwater ashtonishments

I found this ted talk really interesting, because of all the cool things we don't even know about that are under the water. I found the lights that the different fish made were really cool. They use those florescent colours to either attract other fish, or to fight off the predators that come near them. It's interesting how we don't know about so many amazing things. Like how the speaker said some of the tallest mountains are under the water. And how there is underwater waterfalls and lakes, and I think that's so cool that things like that exist under the water, and how there could be so much more under the water that we don't know about. I also found it interesting that animals can change into their surrounding so well that you don't even notice if they're there. So many interesting things are under the water that we don't even know about.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick write - worst meal ever

The worst mean would smell like an out house. It would have the texture of fur or be very chewy and almost impossible to chew. It would stink up your home for days and the smell would linger on your breath for days as well. It would taste like the after taste of puke in your mouth but you can't brush your teeth. This is what I picture to be the worst meal!

Quick write - Eden

In my Eden there would be no worries. People would walk everywhere as they're main way of getting to places so that the city could be full of flowers and nature and stuff like that. In my Eden people would be friendly and nice to one another . The buildings would not be to high so the sun could still shine on my Eden. The buildings would look old time-ie because I think that it looks really cool. My Eden would not be too big because them people are able to become civil with each other. Like a small town feel to it, but it wouldn't be the size of a small town. You could speak any language you wanted and everyone would understand you so there was no boundaries. There would be lots of beaches in my Eden as well.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Skype reflection

1. I liked how we taught them something, like they taught us last week. I like how they interacted with that we has to say, with asking them questions at the end.

2. The value of colaberating with the class from Thompson is that we get to do our high school English has in a different way then just reading Hamlet. Both of the classes can learn how to be creative in English class while using technology.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Personal post - "north american" tours

Why when bands or singers go on they promote a North American tour when in reality the tour goes it every city in America, then goes to just Toronto and Vancouver in Canada! First off Canada is more then just Toronto and Vancouver! There are other cities in Canada! Second it shouldn't really count as a North American Tour it should be an American tour with special visits to Toronto and Vancouver! Special visits because apparently Canada is some mythical place that no one really comes to unless it's Toronto and Vancouver! Thirdly this is all very annoying to me

Personal post - my friends

These are two of my best friends I've know on since we were 2 years old and the other since we were in grade 1. They both mean so much to me. We have had our ups and downs throughout the years but I couldn't imagine my life without them! 

Personal post - balance

In high school you are expected to balance many things that are going on in your life and it can be really hard. You have school, school work, homework, work, extra curriculars, home life, family, friends, sleep and so many other things. I think it's crazy we are expected to do all these things with a smile on our face and not have a break down. As a teenager everyone expects so much from you and they don't realize how many other things you have to do and how many other people expect stuff from you as well. And you try and balance everything but you need to put so many things in the number 1 spot of importance, and it just doesn't work. Too top it all off if you don't do all these things, you're considered lazy, or a bad student. 

Ignite presentation - photo credit

My ignite presentation:

Smiley face

My dad, my sister and I with New York in the background
photo credit: stranger/tourist

MTA New York City Subway
photo credit: Karli Wishnowski

photo credit: Karli Wishnowski

photo credit: Karli Wishnowski

Holland Tunnel
Photo credit: Karli Wishnowski

photo credit: Karli WIshnowski

New York
photo credit: Karli WIshnowski

Statute of Liberty
photo credit: Karli Wishnowski

Pond in Central Park
photo credit: Karli Wishnowski

My dad and I in Central Park
photo credit: Katie Wishnowski

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Personal post - student teachers

Recently in one of my classes we have a student teacher teaching us a unit. Usually this is alright but I don't think student teachers should be aloud to teach a grade 11 or a grade 12 class. In grade 11 or 12 is when grades really matter and it's hard when a student teacher comes in mid semester and messes with everything. They have a different way to do things then your regular teacher which you are not used to so it kind of screws you up. It also sucks because any work they give you is done once their gone, so even if you finished it you can't hand it in because they're gone. I get student teachers have to learn how to become a teacher and different grades are taught in different ways so they have to get a feel for it. But sometimes it can really mess a student up.

Mid semester reflection

Monday, 17 March 2014

Personal Post: Malaysia Airlines

HOW DO YOU LOSE A PLANE! I don't understand how you do that! I mean it's a PLANE! This whole situation is very interesting to me. There are different stories about what the plane did and where they think it went. It's weird because the plane went completely off course and stayed off course for a long time, but no one in any control centres around noticed this. Some people are saying that the plane was going in off patterns in order to dodge the satilites but would no one notice this? Now their searching the Indian Sea for it because it could have gone one of two ways, either to land or to water. Now everyone is worried they won't find it in time to find the black box which holds all the information so they can figure out what went wrong. This whole situation is very confusing. The families who had people on board that they knew must be devastated because there hasn't been too many findings on the plane or where they think it went. But how every this situation ends I hope something like this never has to happen again.


Tomorrow is the spring finale of pretty little liars! I'm so excited! The preview looks really intense which makes it so much better because you just want to find out what's going to happen next, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat and really entertained! I really hope they don't end it with a cliff ranger because I don't have the patients to wait months and months for it to come back to TV. Pretty Little Liars is a great show because it's girly, but has suspense and mystery. 

Skype Reflection

1. The topics we presented during the Skype call to the grade 3's was how to use periods and commas in our 6 word memoir. We made it stick with the kids by not doing something really deep, or super meaningful, but something that they could relate to. Our six word memoir was "Read, write, and love your teacher." We felt they would relate to this in a positive way. Mrs. Bettes seems like a teacher the kids would like to see every day because of the interesting things she does, like Skyping with us, and having a blog. Which is how they would relate to our memoir. 

2. I felt our mini lesson went well. A strength we had was Veronica reading what we had to say to the kids. She is very bubbly so the kids reacted well to her reading our 6 word memoir. A weakness we had was that only one of us got to talk. We may have gotten our point across more if we all had a time to say something. Another weakness is that they are kids and can get distracted easily. 

3. I learned that you have to have a lot of energy while teaching kids so you can keep their attention. You also have to teach them with examples they can relate to. So it keeps their attention and they like what they're learning about.

4. I think we should take a field trip out to Thompson to meet the kids we've been talking to and interacting with. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

6 word memoir: love

For this 6 word memoir the theme is used was love. The memoir reads "I love family, friends and food." Those 3 things are very important to me. I think if you you have those 3 things in your life you're pretty set in life. There is money and other important things to but money can't buy you your friends or family. It can buy you food but your family and friends can give you good. My family, friends and food are the things I love most in my life.

6 word memoir: confession

For this 6 word memoir my theme was confession. The memoir reads "I cried watching Lilo and Stitch." Which is not a huge confession of secret but I did get made fun of about it from my little sister for longer than nesessary. I was a little embarrassed because Stitch was getting taken away and it made me very emotional. I know some people would just think it's silly that I cried at a kids movie but I felt it very heart felt   

My 6 word memoir: hate

For this 6 word I chose the theme of hate. The memoir reads "The cold needs to go away." This memoir does not have a deeper meaning it just means I am sick and tired of the cold and it needs to go away. It was been here way to long and it needs to stop. The picture I used is what I have been seeing for way to many months. It is a depressing cold picture. The picture is in black and white but those are the basic colours you see in the winter black or dark because everything is dead and white because the snow covers everything! 

6 word memoir: growing up.

For this 6 word memoir my theme is growing up. My memoir reads "I'll always be there for you." Which I feel is something you need to hear when you are growing up. Things are constantly changing and sometimes you just need to know that it's all going to be alright and that someone will always be there for you. Growing up means a lot of change and sometimes you lose touch with the people you were once very close with, but just because you don't always talk with them doesn't mean they won't be there for you if you need them.

6 word memoir: future.

For this 6 word memoir the theme was future. I used my graduation picture because I feel that it's the main focus of my future right now. To work hard in school and graduate. The memoir reads "I hope it all works out." Which is very acurate for me and many other seniors in the end we all just want our future to work out. Some of us don't really know what will happen after high school even if we do have a plan we don't know how it will turn out which is why the future can be very unsure and scary sometimes.

6 word memoir: family

For this 6 word memoir the theme is family. The memoir reads "Christmas will always bring us together." I have a big family so it's hard for us to all get together, but at Christmas we are always all together no matter what. The Christmas tree symbolizes family in this picture. Also Christmas in general symbolizes family for me because I always see my family over Christmas.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Personal Post: Fashion Show

The Fashion Show was probably one of the best times of my senior year. The people in my group were all amazing and we all got along. Some of us didn't really know each other all that well so at first it was awkward but in the end we all became friends and enjoyed going to the practices and doing the big show in the end to show off what we've been working so hard on for the last few months. It all came together and was a great time. I couldn't have asked for a better group!

Personal Post: Gold for Canada

I know the Olympics are over but I would like to post about how America reacted to Canada winning gold in both male and female hockey. F**kCanada was trending, (the stars were not there in the trend) I get that America was mad, but they were really ticked off about it. I understand that most people are really into the Olympics and it's awesome when your team wins, but don't put down the winning team's country because your annoyed you lost.

Personal Post: Spring Break

This spring break I'm going to New York with my dad and sister. It's kind of a graduation present. I can't wait to go sight seeing, shopping and do all the touristie things. It should be interesting to see how long our annoyance levels will last.  But I'm really looking forward to the trip no matter what happens I'm sure we'll have a great time!

Personal Post: Graduation!

It's crazy to think I'll be graduating in about 4 months. The future is a scary thing to think about, but now that I know what I'm going to school for I'm getting excited. I can't wait to graduate with people I've known since kindergarten. It's weird to think that we're almost all grown up. Graduation should be a really fun! Tiring but fun! 

Personal Post: The 1975

I can't wait for The 1975 concert! When they first announced they were coming to my city I was really excited but than was let down when they were performing in a 18 and every bar. But for some reason they changed their venue and now my friends and I can go! I'm looking forward to their amazing concert!

Photo Scavenger Hunt: 3

Words/Letters: A post of words. I chose words/letters as my theme because this poster is filled with them.

Alone: A girl in the hallway alone. I chose the theme alone because that's what the girl is in this picture, she is in the hallway alone.

Reflection: Reflection in glass. I chose the theme of reflection because that's what you see in the glass, a reflection.

Future: My grad photo. I chose the theme of future for this photo because me graduating with be my future soon.

Confession: Broken iPhone. I chose the theme of confession because I like to think I'm okay with technology, but I'm really not I'm on my third iPhone.

Photo Scavenger Hunt: 2

Talent: Ed Sheeran. I chose to use the theme of talent because I think Ed Sheeran is a very talented singer, songwriter and performer.

Metaphoto/Family: My cousins, sister and I on Christmas Eve. I chose to use the theme of family because this is a picture of some of my family and I. This is also a metaphoto because it's a picture of a picture.

Close up: A painting of an eye. I chose to use the theme of a close up because this picture is a painting of a profile, I just got a close up of the eye.

Past/When I was little/Metaphoto: My friend and I when we were little. I chose the theme of past because this is an old picture and my friend was a big part of my past. I chose the theme of when I was little because my friend and I are very little in this photo and we were together all the time when we were little. This is also a metaphoto because it's a picture of a picture.

Outline/Metaphoto: An outline of people done with lights. I chose the theme of outline because the picture is an out line of people using lights, which I think is interesting. This is also a metaphoto because it's a picture of a picture.

Photo Scavenger Hunt: 1

Friendship: my fashion show group. I chose to put my fashion show group with the theme of friendship because I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to have as friends and to do fashion show with.

Love: my dog. I chose to put my dog with the theme of love because I love my dog.

Hate/black and white: Winter. I chose to but winter with the theme of hate because I hate winter this year! It never stops snowing and it never seems to warm up! I chose black and white as a theme for winter as well because those are the main colours during the season.

Passion: my friend crying over one direction. I chose the theme of passion because my friend is very passionate for one direction.

Symbolism: Christmas tree. I chose the theme of symbolism because Christmas is a time that my family always gets together on Christmas. The Christmas tree represents family to me.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Reading Assignment #4

Along for the Ride
Auden's perspective:

When a pissed off mean girl asks you questions don't answer them. #lessonlearned

#iwish that my mom would try and be a pleasant person.

So tired, to bad I can't sleep.

First summer hotdog party in awhile #TBT

My poor little sister is going to have an identity crisis.

It's nice to have someone around at night. #carrides #pie

These girls could end up being some great friends. Kind of funny how we started off as #frienemies

Really missing my brother


So much pink

My dad finished his book! #congradulations


Oh it's 4 o'clock in the afternoon... #justwokeup

The best pie is from a laundromat...interesting

I guess Thisbe is just a pink everything sort of girl. #opps    

Reading Survey

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Skype reading

Today we skpyed into a grade 4 class to read Mortimer Be Quiet by Robert Munch. It was a really interesting thing to be apart of. The kids really seemed to like how we all took part in the book and that havoc was involved as well. It was fun that we did something like this in a highschool English class, because all you usually do is poems and Shakespeare. It would be fun to do something like this again!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick write - Olympics

The Winter Olympics are in Sochi this year. I love how the Olympics can bring a country together, espically how the Winter Olympics can bring Canada together (#WeAreWinter). Hockey is a big sport for many countries and now that Russia is out it makes it very interesting because they usually recieve some medal . Hockey is seem as a Canadian sport which makes it a big deal that we have made it this far and hopefully recieve a bronze, silver, or gold at the Olympics this year!

Quick write - what colours are you?

I think the color orange represents who I am and what I want my life to be about. The words in orange are things that I value in my life like family and friendships hey make me happy. If you have family and friends in your life I think you're looking at a pretty good life, which is what I want now and in my future. Cantaloupe is another color that I would like be my life. Success is one of the main words in the color which is what I would like to achieve in my life.

Quick write - which door?

I would choose to go though the Hogwarts door. I think it would be so cool to go to the school to see/be apart of all the magic there. I loved the books and the movies so to see it in real life would be amazing. 

Twitter assignment #1

Along for the ride. (156) It's my first time reading Sarah Dessen. I like how it's not overly girly #intro

? - Why is Auden's mom so mean towards Heidi and everything she's involved with? #question

Favourite quote so far "You're supposed to fail sometimes. It's a required part of the human existence." #comment

! - Auden and Eli will get together, but other people may try and interfere with their relationship. #prediction

Has anybody read Along for the ride or any other Sarah Dessen books? What do you think makes her a popular author? #discuss