Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick write - Eden

In my Eden there would be no worries. People would walk everywhere as they're main way of getting to places so that the city could be full of flowers and nature and stuff like that. In my Eden people would be friendly and nice to one another . The buildings would not be to high so the sun could still shine on my Eden. The buildings would look old time-ie because I think that it looks really cool. My Eden would not be too big because them people are able to become civil with each other. Like a small town feel to it, but it wouldn't be the size of a small town. You could speak any language you wanted and everyone would understand you so there was no boundaries. There would be lots of beaches in my Eden as well.


  1. I think we wrote a similar thing. Do you think that everyone knows the problems that go on in the world makes us imagine this kind of Eden? I think you did a great job describing what you would want your world to look like.

  2. Cool Eden, it's feels like the opposite of what most the world is like now though. I wish li fe were like this, it would be so much simpler and more enjoyable

  3. Karli, I love your Eden. Could you imagine how different our mind sets would be if things were like this, and how much happier people would be just to have the sun out?