Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick write - worst meal ever

The worst mean would smell like an out house. It would have the texture of fur or be very chewy and almost impossible to chew. It would stink up your home for days and the smell would linger on your breath for days as well. It would taste like the after taste of puke in your mouth but you can't brush your teeth. This is what I picture to be the worst meal!

Quick write - Eden

In my Eden there would be no worries. People would walk everywhere as they're main way of getting to places so that the city could be full of flowers and nature and stuff like that. In my Eden people would be friendly and nice to one another . The buildings would not be to high so the sun could still shine on my Eden. The buildings would look old time-ie because I think that it looks really cool. My Eden would not be too big because them people are able to become civil with each other. Like a small town feel to it, but it wouldn't be the size of a small town. You could speak any language you wanted and everyone would understand you so there was no boundaries. There would be lots of beaches in my Eden as well.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Skype reflection

1. I liked how we taught them something, like they taught us last week. I like how they interacted with that we has to say, with asking them questions at the end.

2. The value of colaberating with the class from Thompson is that we get to do our high school English has in a different way then just reading Hamlet. Both of the classes can learn how to be creative in English class while using technology.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Personal post - "north american" tours

Why when bands or singers go on they promote a North American tour when in reality the tour goes it every city in America, then goes to just Toronto and Vancouver in Canada! First off Canada is more then just Toronto and Vancouver! There are other cities in Canada! Second it shouldn't really count as a North American Tour it should be an American tour with special visits to Toronto and Vancouver! Special visits because apparently Canada is some mythical place that no one really comes to unless it's Toronto and Vancouver! Thirdly this is all very annoying to me

Personal post - my friends

These are two of my best friends I've know on since we were 2 years old and the other since we were in grade 1. They both mean so much to me. We have had our ups and downs throughout the years but I couldn't imagine my life without them! 

Personal post - balance

In high school you are expected to balance many things that are going on in your life and it can be really hard. You have school, school work, homework, work, extra curriculars, home life, family, friends, sleep and so many other things. I think it's crazy we are expected to do all these things with a smile on our face and not have a break down. As a teenager everyone expects so much from you and they don't realize how many other things you have to do and how many other people expect stuff from you as well. And you try and balance everything but you need to put so many things in the number 1 spot of importance, and it just doesn't work. Too top it all off if you don't do all these things, you're considered lazy, or a bad student. 

Ignite presentation - photo credit

My ignite presentation: http://cre8tivehavoc.blogspot.ca/2014/04/presentation-order.html?m=1

Smiley face

My dad, my sister and I with New York in the background
photo credit: stranger/tourist

MTA New York City Subway
photo credit: Karli Wishnowski

photo credit: Karli Wishnowski

photo credit: Karli Wishnowski

Holland Tunnel
Photo credit: Karli Wishnowski

photo credit: Karli WIshnowski

New York
photo credit: Karli WIshnowski

Statute of Liberty
photo credit: Karli Wishnowski

Pond in Central Park
photo credit: Karli Wishnowski

My dad and I in Central Park
photo credit: Katie Wishnowski

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Personal post - student teachers

Recently in one of my classes we have a student teacher teaching us a unit. Usually this is alright but I don't think student teachers should be aloud to teach a grade 11 or a grade 12 class. In grade 11 or 12 is when grades really matter and it's hard when a student teacher comes in mid semester and messes with everything. They have a different way to do things then your regular teacher which you are not used to so it kind of screws you up. It also sucks because any work they give you is done once their gone, so even if you finished it you can't hand it in because they're gone. I get student teachers have to learn how to become a teacher and different grades are taught in different ways so they have to get a feel for it. But sometimes it can really mess a student up.

Mid semester reflection