Thursday, 22 May 2014

Personal post - beautiful day

Classes should instantly be moved outside the second it gets nice out! Students are already so distracted in classes already when it's -40 out so we're crazy when it's +20 out. And it's always so gross and hot and muggy in the school cause they haven't figured out the air yet in the first week of nice weather so we should all just go outside and learn when it's a beautiful day out!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Discussing the dialogue that was heard.

1. I went into the caf to listen in on the conversations. I listened for the majority of the 20 minutes. There were 2 big groups who's conversations I was listening to.

2. I learnt that teenagers don't really have filters and say whatever comes to their mind especially when they're talking with their friends. I also noticed there is usually a "leader" who is the one who's brings up the topics and talks the most.

3. I can apply this if I was ever writing about teens, that way it would be easy to right about, also because I am a teen.

4. You can figure out who is more of a listener and more quiet. Also who really likes to talk and have attention on them.

5. Either there are many opinions in the conversation because there are so many people, or not a lot because the others are just listening.

6. That many people don't have a filter and that really makes the conversation a lot more interesting. Also how quickly the topic can change.

7. Written conversations are more thought out and usually have a certain direction. Spoken conversations and sometimes just to fill the quiet so they can be about anything and not really have a purpose. But written and spoken conversations can both have a meaning you just may arrive at it in a different way.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Personal post - SNOW IN MAY!

How did it snow this morning! I don't understand it's May! It's supposed to be all sunny and warm, but no it's snowy and cold. The rhyme is "April showers bring May flowers." Not April showers bring May snow! That is not alright! The snow needs to go away! 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

So what?

I believe the so what of this picture is that anyone can be friends. The picture shows an ape and a banana and they seem to be getting along. Which is not likely because apes eat bananas, but in this picture they seem to be friendly with each other

Personal post - undercover deputies

I think that if they wanted to fit in they should join a sports team. Sports are pretty big at our school and I think if you're on a sports team you're kind of in a brotherhood so it would be pretty good  if you were trying to fitting in if you were involved with sports.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Personal post - Austin Kleon

I liked this newspaper black out he did because of the little graphics he put in it. Like the little cloud and the umbrella. It also kind of looks like he colored the newspaper with the pattern of rain. Or maybe that's just the way he was holding his marker and it started to run out of ink. But I'm going to think he did that on purpose to look like rain.

Personal post - newspaper blackout.

3 main points about what news paper blackout is:

Treat the newspaper as a blank canvas.

Glance/scan over the newspaper don't read it.

Transform the raw material of the article into your own.

Transform the article into a different meaning to make a statement.

Circle the words you want to keep.

Don't be specific in the type of article your choosing. 

"You're shopping for words."

Don't just summaries the article.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Personal post - spring!

I'm so happy that spring has finally come! The winter was so long and cold it seemed like spring would never come, but it did! It just kind of sucks that it's May and it only started to get nice out. But atleast spring has finally come! 

Ted talk reflection: underwater ashtonishments

I found this ted talk really interesting, because of all the cool things we don't even know about that are under the water. I found the lights that the different fish made were really cool. They use those florescent colours to either attract other fish, or to fight off the predators that come near them. It's interesting how we don't know about so many amazing things. Like how the speaker said some of the tallest mountains are under the water. And how there is underwater waterfalls and lakes, and I think that's so cool that things like that exist under the water, and how there could be so much more under the water that we don't know about. I also found it interesting that animals can change into their surrounding so well that you don't even notice if they're there. So many interesting things are under the water that we don't even know about.