Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Discussing the dialogue that was heard.

1. I went into the caf to listen in on the conversations. I listened for the majority of the 20 minutes. There were 2 big groups who's conversations I was listening to.

2. I learnt that teenagers don't really have filters and say whatever comes to their mind especially when they're talking with their friends. I also noticed there is usually a "leader" who is the one who's brings up the topics and talks the most.

3. I can apply this if I was ever writing about teens, that way it would be easy to right about, also because I am a teen.

4. You can figure out who is more of a listener and more quiet. Also who really likes to talk and have attention on them.

5. Either there are many opinions in the conversation because there are so many people, or not a lot because the others are just listening.

6. That many people don't have a filter and that really makes the conversation a lot more interesting. Also how quickly the topic can change.

7. Written conversations are more thought out and usually have a certain direction. Spoken conversations and sometimes just to fill the quiet so they can be about anything and not really have a purpose. But written and spoken conversations can both have a meaning you just may arrive at it in a different way.

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