Thursday, 12 June 2014

Now what?

There is one item on my bucket list that would be amazing if I could cross off, which is why I’m making it my now what. My now what is to not worry so much. It’s something I do often and I hate it! I hate the feeling I get in my stomach and the stress it can give me. By making my now what to not worry so much, I will be able to cross off many more things on my bucket list. Like bitting my nails, it’s a bad habit I have that I sometimes do when I’m worried. Not worrying so much in my life will let me have more fun, and to not care about the little things that don’t really mean that much and won’t make a huge impact on my life in a few days. I think making my now what to not worry so much will give me the push I need to really try and not worry so much. To some this may not seem like a huge item to cross off my bucket list but to me it is, and it’s something I really want to cross off. 

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