Monday, 17 March 2014

Personal Post: Malaysia Airlines

HOW DO YOU LOSE A PLANE! I don't understand how you do that! I mean it's a PLANE! This whole situation is very interesting to me. There are different stories about what the plane did and where they think it went. It's weird because the plane went completely off course and stayed off course for a long time, but no one in any control centres around noticed this. Some people are saying that the plane was going in off patterns in order to dodge the satilites but would no one notice this? Now their searching the Indian Sea for it because it could have gone one of two ways, either to land or to water. Now everyone is worried they won't find it in time to find the black box which holds all the information so they can figure out what went wrong. This whole situation is very confusing. The families who had people on board that they knew must be devastated because there hasn't been too many findings on the plane or where they think it went. But how every this situation ends I hope something like this never has to happen again.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing Karli but a lot of people assume it's a terrorist attack again because Malaysia is a muslim country. The news is assuming that one of the pilot turned off the tracker for the plane because they had something of value on it and they decided to land to get it out of the plane. But the thing that confuses me is those fake Australian passports that one of the passenger had? I don't know how no one noticed that. I feel like it's an inside job if the plane was attacked by terrorist.